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Monday, November 1, 2010

North Branford brawl decision expected Tuesday

The outcome of a brawl that took place between the North Branford and Lewis Mills football teams was still unresolved Monday, according to Matt Fischer, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s director of information.

Fischer said in Monday's Register that a decision would be made Monday, but the CIAC is still reviewing the case.

The Pequot Conference Sassacus Division game, held at Muzzy Field in Bristol on Saturday, was halted on the third play of the third quarter by the Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials. North Branford was leading 42-7 at halftime.

“We (the CIAC) did receive a report from the officials and it is still in the process of being reviewed,” Fischer said. “There’s no decision to announce at this point.”

Fischer says it’s likely a decision will be made sometime Tuesday morning.
“We’ll announce something when there is something to announce,” Fischer said.

As reported in Sunday’s Register, North Branford coach Mark Basil said that players from both teams came off the bench and that the head official awarded the game to North Branford by forfeit.

The CIAC does not have the power to overturn the officials’ decision, whatever it may be.

Rule 1-1, Article 6 of the 2010 National Federation of High Schools rules book, by which CIAC schools play, states: “The referee has the authority to rule promptly and in the spirit of good sportsmanship on any situation not specifically covered in the rules. The referee’s decisions are final in all matters pertaining to the game.”

Article 10 states: “The referee’s decision to forfeit a game is final.”

North Branford (4-2) is in the thick of the Class S state playoff race. If a double forfeit is awarded, it will likely end the Thunderbirds’ chances at qualifying for the postseason. The top eight teams in each of the four classes (LL, L, M, S) qualify. North Branford is currently ranked eighth. Lewis Mills is 1-4.

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