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Sunday, September 8, 2013

'The Show' returns! SPB joins LaxWorm to talk 2013 High School football

For the second year, the mysterious 'Laxworm' has dropped his lacrosse sticks and light lax padding and traded it for slightly more robust pads, helmets and gear of high school football.

We're not quite sure why he does it. But we're thankful he does it. And we're thankful he's once again asked me to co-host his high school football show.

The LaxWorm and I hoped to speak with Staples coach Marce Petroccio to kick-off the 2013 edition of 'The Show,' but Marce double-booked us with his practices and, with the Wreckers about to tangle with Xavier Wednesday night at Palmer Field, practice won out.

So this was a solo show. The Worm and I talked about all of the big changes pervading Connecticut high school football, particularly in the coaching ranks, and what those changes will mean across the state as we gear up and fall into the 2013 season.

Take a listen:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPB, can you provide the Gametime CT web address? Is it functional yet?

September 10, 2013 at 2:18 PM 

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