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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Law's George Knoth a Timex Heart of a Giant Award Nominee

George Knoth

Jonathan Law High School (Milford, CT)
Grade: 12

Training and preparation:

To prepare for this season, I started lifting weights and conditioning four days a week one week after our last game. I knew that while we had struggled last season, with the returning players we had we could do something special. I held a team meeting a few days after the season and explained to my teammates that if we pushed ourselves beyond our limits during the offseason, we would see no limits on the field. I lost 40 pounds in order to make the transition to linebacker, as that was one of our team's weaknesses. I also concentrated my efforts to increase speed and agility. I have seen that hard work and discipline pay off on the field this season.

Why I have the Heart of a Giant:

Determination has helped me overcome the challenges of having two younger brothers diagnosed with autism. My brothers are unpredictable, and their attitude changes in a heartbeat. They often break down emotionally and become upset over something they can't control. The hardest part is knowing that as their older brother, there isn’t much I can do to help them. But this is why football plays such an important role in my life. Football has provided an opportunity for me to rise above the difficulties often present at home. My brothers can’t play and probably never will be able to, but I can play for them and make them proud.

Fairfield Prep's Anthony DiLeo and Holy Cross' Bryan Burnette have also been nominated.

Voting will close on Friday, December 14 and Timex and USA Football will select an
overall winner who will take home the $5,000 equipment donation for his school. This
winner will be honored on the field during the NY Giants Week 17 home game vs.
Philadelphia and presented with a trophy and $5,000 check.
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