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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naugatuck fined, put on probation for recruiting violations

Naugatuck was fined $7,500 and put on probation for two years for recruiting violations, the CIAC announced Thursday. Naugatuck wasn't named in the report, listed only as "offending member school".

The CIAC also ruled that three student-athletes, David Coggins, Javon Martin and Xavier Woods, are required to sit-out this season's first four games. The three were also not named in the report.

Naugatuck coach Rob Plasky resigned following allegations that he tried to recruit the three players from Sacred Heart High to attend Naugatuck.

Below is the release sent by the CIAC:

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Board
of Control held its second meeting of the 2012-13 school year Thursday

On the agenda were three voting items for the Board based on self-reports
of CIAC violations received from CIAC member institutions.

* The Board considered a self-report and investigative report of
violations CIAC Recruitment Rules in the sport of football. Three instances
of recruitment violations were included as part of the self-report. The
board unanimously voted to fine the offending member school $7,500.00,
place the football program on two-year probation (a period of trial during
which the school is monitored to determine compliance with the requirements
of CIAC regulations) as of September 20, 2012, and require the school to
follow its own recommendations to establish guidelines for booster club
activities and bring the booster club programs within the school's

* The Board discussed the eligibility of three students involved in the
recruiting situation described in the self-report. The Board approved a
motion requiring the three students involved in the self-report sit out the
first four games of the varsity season.

* The Board examined a self-report and investigative report of violations
of CIAC Out-of-Season Coaching Rules from a member school baseball program.
The self-report found violations from 2009 and stated that the school is
planning to require all coaches are aware of CIAC rules and take the CIAC
coach training modules. The board approved a motion of a $750 fine for the
member school, a two-year probation for the baseball program, and a
requirement that the school follow its own recommendations regarding
coaching training.

* The Board also discussed several issues including possible changes in
the out-of-season coaching rules which came at the request of the
Connecticut High School Coaches Association and Connecticut Association of
Athletics Directors.  The request is to see if there are ways to loosen the
restrictions on out-of-season coaching, but remains only in the discussion
stage at this point.

* The Board also provided some information on changes in reporting from
the Annual Enrollment forms that member schools submit as part of the work
of a CIAC sub-committee studying possible changes in the use of the
multiplier for tournament placement.

* The chair of the Eligibility Committee reported that the committee heard
nine appeals at its meeting earlier Thursday. Two waivers were granted -
one on an eight-semester case and the other on a transfer. The remaining
seven appeals were denied.

* The board heard reports on various topics from CIAC staff and
representatives of outside organizations.

The Board of Control will meet again on Thursday, October 18.

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