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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Merrill, Sheehan have big hopes

WALLINGFORD — Sheehan football coach John Ferrazzi says the sky is the limit for titanic Titan tackle Sean Merrill.

Hopes are equally as high for a program that hasn’t been to a state playoff game since the mid-90s.

“We have a lot of potential this year,” Merrill said. “We’re all finally old enough; we’ve been playing together since we were freshmen and sophomores. We have the potential to be a great team.”

The 6-foot-4, 275-pound senior left tackle has gotten looks from Villanova, Lehigh, Lafayette, New Hampshire and Stony Brook, in addition to New Haven, Southern Connecticut and Central Connecticut.

“There’s been a mix of I-AA schools that have been actively recruiting him throughout,” Ferrazzi said. “He’s been to a slew of camps over the summer. Nobody’s pulled the trigger yet. I think a lot of them are waiting for some senior film.”

What may potentially end up on that film is what has Sheehan players and coaches optimistic about the upcoming season.

“Our main goal this year is to make the playoffs,” Ferrazzi said. “With this senior class, with the experience of some of these kids, that’s their goal. Anything less than that is going to be a disappointment.”

One junior will figure prominently in helping this senior class achieve its goal. Jeremy Gannon is taking over for his graduated brother, Billy, as the Titans quarterback. He’s not worried about filling his shoes, but he’s already filled his jersey.

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