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Friday, September 7, 2012

Preview: Fairfield Prep looking to improve

FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Prep started the 2012 football year without spring ball. Instead, the team took advantage of a week of double days in August with the focus on cohesion, momentum and keeping the team focused on fall ball.

It was a rare opportunity head coach Tom Shea seized.

“This definitely helped, (it) was good for us,” running back Dillon Ryan said. “(We’re) pretty far ahead of other schools, I’d think.”

The extra time together early in the season is all part of Shea’s blueprint that was started when he took over the program in 2010. It’s been a steady climb back to having consistent, winning seasons after going through a rough 0-10 campaign in 2009.

“We started a couple years ago when we hadn’t won anything,” Shea said. “We talked about playing well on a play, everyone doing that. Then playing well for a quarter, then playing well for a game. Then winning a game and then winning on the road.”

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