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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Northwest Catholic breaks 50-point rule

Northwest Catholic defeated Fermi 52-0 on Saturday, breaking the score management policy established by the CIAC.

When this occurs, according to the policy, the principals of both the winning and losing teams and the referee/head official that officiated the game shall submit a report to the CIAC Football Committee attesting as to whether the winning team’s head coach did or did not follow established score management protocols for good sportsmanship in the game. This report will be filed using the CIAC Eligibility Center no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of the game.

If it is determined that a violation occurred, the following penalty shall be in effect:
Disqualification Rule – The head coach shall be ineligible to participate in the next contest at the same level of play (even if the next contest does not occur until league or CIAC tournament play or next year).

Click here to read the policy.

According to Matt Fischer, the director of information services, the CIAC will get reports from both schools and the officials on Monday. Once the CIAC has those reports, the decision will be made by a group including:

Executive Director (or her designee)
Chair of Football Committee
Chair of CIAC board
A coach
An athletic director

The exact timing would depend on when the CIAC get the reports, but the CIAC would expect the committee to talk Monday or Tuesday, according to Fischer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing Middletown was able to control its team and hold its half time score of 45 to 0 for the rest of the game and still allow both teams to play good football, it shows awareness and forethought by a coach. In his own words said in a Patch news article that, he played his base offense, he played hard, he had the kids hustle, because that was " the important thing"! " not the score"! He very well have ment well, however he had a full half of play just like Middletown did and it clearly seems by his own words the score didn't matter. For that reason and that reason alone Tyler should sit out a game, because in his own words, score doesn't matter. He also said he was playing sophomores as his defense to this, well I remember Johnathan Esposito as a sophomore, what kind of excuse is that? One point or twenty points, he stated score doesn't matter to him. Now had he said for example, I didn't manage the clock or didn't think it out, the rules are the rules and like the kids I have to follow them, and you ruled in his favor, well ok then. But to assume the ref and other coaches should make recommendations for him and him saying the score isn't important. Not a good roll model to his team. Sit one out if it don't matter. D. Harrington

September 25, 2011 at 9:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Harrington, you obviously weren't at the game, didn't read the full article in the Patch that you refer to. First of all, the score was 46-0 until late in 4th quarter when a sophomore backup cornerback intercepted a Weaver pass and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown. Second, the Weaver head coach is quoted in the very article you reference as saying "They're not at fault...they didn't run up the score." The article also notes that the head ref at the game is expected to support Tyler.
You are simply choosing to take Tyler's words out of context to suit your own agenda. He was refering to his "young guys" (meaning his backups) to keep working hard running the base offense and to hustle. When he said score doesn't matter what he obviously was saying is that regardless of the score, whoever is on the field (in this case freshmen and sophomore backups) need to play hard. If you are suggesting that the CIAC 50 pt rule requires that the Coach or his players do anything less then you simply are wrong, and don't know anything about the game of football. And referencing Jonathan Esposito has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than demonstrating your complete lack of understanding of what happened at the NWC game on Saturday.

September 26, 2011 at 12:04 PM 
Blogger DRH said...

My comments have nothing to do with how hard the kids play or the score or the course of events leading up the the final score. And lime im about to write in the Patch as well, the point I made was, the rule is in place, good, bad, indifferent. If the ruling body reviews the infraction and says although there was an infraction they believe it wasnot wilfull and drop it then ok. Its not what you say or do always, but how you say and do it that matters. And to you and the other two men who responded to my comments, over the past 40 some odd years in athletics, im sure I've meet you at one time or another or atleast heard you. You make my point much better then I ever could. Thank you.

September 26, 2011 at 4:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Harrington: You continue to carry on with your nonsense but offer absolutely no facts or opinions about what steps NWC should have taken to manage the score beyond what was done. The coach of Weaver disagrees with you. The head referree disagrees with you. The CIAC reviewing committee disagrees with you.
So tell us, what is it that Coach Tyler should have done that he didn't do?

September 29, 2011 at 1:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 50-point rule is ridiculous... If the starting Varsity and JV QB's take a team out to a 48-0 lead after three quarters, and I put my freshman QB in game to start the 4th quarter -- why shouldn't he go out and try to score a couple of times... if you put in my son, the freshman QB and tell him to take a knee or just run a 1-yard carry, I would not be very happy... And if I put in my freshman QB in to get experience, why can't I put him out there with my starting senior receivers -- because next week injuries may force me to start him!! If there is a game where the score is 52-0, the coach being suspended should be the LOSING COACH, and he should be sent for a week for coaching clinic or to sit and observe a practice at a school like MASUK or ANSONIA. If you are worried that my FRESHMAN will run up the score against your VARSITY team, then maybe it is time for new coaches, retraining coaches or possibly thinking about moving down to a lower league where schools are of similar size or caliber. A player should NEVER be told NOT to give 100% and hold back... yes, it is bush league to leave your starters in to run up a 72-0 score, but if you are winning 48-0 at halftime, you should not be told that you cannot score in the second half... if you are a class coach you will give your backup players a chance to play second half and if they happen to win 80-0, so be it...These youth leagues with "MERCY RULES" where you are forced to wimp-out and stop game if team is winning by 10 runs in baseball or 25 points in a youth basketball game... I once coached a youth 11-12 basketball team where my 3rd-place team played unbeaten 1st-place team and lost 64-24... following week we had to scramble to capture 2nd place to qualify for playoffs... and we played that 1st-place team again... this time, instead of losing by 40 points we took them into overtime in the Championship game before losing by 3 points... best thing that happened to my team was getting their tails kicked-in by 40 points!!
BASEBALL... if you stop a game after 4 innings with score 11-0, how does losing team ever get to improve -- they've only each gotten one at bat then ump forces them to wimp-out.... I played on a not-very-good Sr BabeRuth team and if we had 10-run rule back then I would only have giotten one at-bat a game... so, we played full (sometimes ugly) game but I'd get my 3 at-bats... strikeout, strikeout and hit... that's a .333 average.... wimp-out rule would never have let me get that final at bat against top-notch pitcher...

October 1, 2011 at 11:13 PM 

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