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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ansonia defeats Notre Dame-W.H. in scrimmage

Ansonia won by the score of 5 TDs to 2. Ansonia scored twice on interception returns, including one by Raeshaun Finney, which is the first clip in the video below.

Ansonia sophomore Arkeel Newsome scored on a 70-yard run (second clip in video).

The Chargers scored twice more offensively and then added another score during a red-zone series.

Notre Dame scored once on a passing play (fourth clip in the video), and then once on a running play during the red-zone series.

Both teams looked like it was a first scrimmage (It was). Ansonia is extremely quick and athletic with a slew of playmakers. I expected the highly touted Chargers' offensive line to be a bit more aggressive and physical, though. But, again, first scrimmage. Ansonia appears to be a team ready to make a run at the NVL title and a Class M playoff berth.

ND had some trouble passing the ball early, but adjusted. ND has some size and should be fine once its young players gain more experience. New QB, new receivers, some new guys on the line. Pretty certain at mid-season that ND is going to be tough.

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