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Monday, August 29, 2011

Info. from the CIAC re: practices

I e-mailed Matt Fischer, the director of information services at the CIAC, earlier today and asked him a few questions regarding the postponement of practices. His answers, which were delivered with a prompt response (as always with him), are below.

Q: Does the cancellation or postponement of practices come from the CIAC or from the school/towns?

A: The CIAC has not directed any school to cancel/postpone practices. Determinations as to if facilities are available, and/or policies such as if schools can practice (or play games) on days when school is cancelled, would be local board decisions.

Q: Will the CIAC allow for any extra practice sessions, say three-a-days? And is the football season going to begin as scheduled?

A: No decision has been made to alter either the number of practices allowed or the start of the season. We will continue to monitor the situation in all sports. No changes are expected at the present time, however if any changes were considered the first concern would be ensuring the health and safety of the participating student-athletes.

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