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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Fall Practice Guidelines

View the 2013 Football Tournament Package from the CIAC

From the 2013-2014 CIAC Handbook


Regular Season Practice

1. Football physical conditioning practice must be conducted for at least five (5) days prior to contact and no earlier than August 19, 2013 for those who conducted traditional spring football practice or Wednesday, August 14, 2013 for those schools who chose not to conduct traditional spring football practice.

2. On days 1-5: There cannot be more than one practice session per day AND the total practice time must not exceed three hours in any one day.

3. On days 1-2: Footballs may not be used for the first hour on either day. Only helmets may be used on both days.

4. On days 3-5: Footballs may not be used for the first hour on each day. Only helmets and shoulder pads may be used AND contact ONLY with sleds and tackling dummies m

ay be initiated.

5. Live contact in full gear may not begin before the sixth day.
6. On days 6-14: A double practice day in full gear must be followed by a single practice day in full gear. On single practice days, one walk through without full gear is permissible as long as it’s separated from the full practice by at least three hours. When a double practice day in full gear is followed by a day of rest then another double practice day in full gear is permitted after the rest day.

7. On any double practice day, neither practice should exceed three hours in duration and no more than five total hours of practice in the day. Warm-up, stretching, cool down, walk through, conditioning and weight room activities are included as part of the practice time. The

two practices should be separated by at least three continuous hours in a cool environment.

8. A coach must be present at all practice sessions.

9. Teams must have a minimum of three (3) days of practice in full gear prior to

a full team interscholastic scrimmage.

10. All teams must practice a minimum of 14 days as a team before they can enter into a competition.

11. An individual must practice a minimum of 10 days before they can enter into a competition.

Teams found in violation of the above rules will be subject to disciplinary review by the CIAC board of control. Coaches are required to review with their players the suggestions for reducing head and neck injuries and the “hot weather hints.”

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