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Friday, November 30, 2012

Don Drust hired at Cheshire

Don Drust, who led Cheshire to a 6-4 record this season as interim coach, has officially been hired on a full-time basis it was announced Friday. Drust took over for Mark Ecke, who resigned this past spring after an off-field altercation. Below is the press release on Drust sent by Cheshire High officials.


Cheshire High Principal Jeff Solan and Athletic Director Steve Trifone are pleased to announce the naming of Don Drust as Head Football Coach at Cheshire High School effective immediately.  

The decision to hire Mr. Drust was grounded in his commitment to the development of students as learners, citizens, and athletes.  Mr. Trifone indicated that “Don is fully vested in our athletes not only as football players, but as students and community contributors”.  Mr. Solan added that “Mr. Drust serves as an outstanding role model for our student-athletes on and off the field of competition and Cheshire High School is honored to make him part of our team”.  
With the identification of a head coach, Mr. Drust and the athletic department will begin to post available assistant coaching positions.  

Anyone interested in joining the football coaching staff should contact Athletic Director, Steve Trifone at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate...but this program will continue to tank. 6-4 would be impressive if the schedule was what it was in the past. The teams that are usually competitive were unusually weak...shelton, ND West Haven. I'll get excited when they play competitively against West Haven, Madison & Southington. This was the first loss to Southington in 5 years! All of Cheshire's talent is in the Sophomore class but if they continue to go uncoached they
will not be able to compete with the better programs. Cheshire made a big mistake allowing the "town" to control the program & push Ecke out. Kids that want to play for a well coached program are looking to go elsewhere. It is sure the end of an era in Cheshire and that is a shame. Tisk tisk to the people who caused this mess.

December 6, 2012 at 1:09 PM 

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