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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ecke says lack of administrative support led to resignation

Mark Ecke said Tuesday that lack of support from school officials played a role in his decision to resign as Cheshire’s football coach.

Ecke said in an e-mail to media outlets Monday that he is stepping down.

His decision comes almost two weeks after being suspended due to an incident at a junior varsity lacrosse game in Glastonbury involving his son Tucker on May 3 in which police were called to the field.

Ecke, the head coach at Cheshire since the 1995 season, was awaiting a hearing that had yet to be scheduled by Cheshire’s Board of Education.

“It’s not a decision I wanted to make, but a decision that had to be done,” Ecke told the Register on Tuesday. “I was told by (Cheshire superintendent Greg J. Florio) that I would not enjoy the support of the administration if it went to a hearing. I kind of was boxed into a corner.”

Read more here.

Chip Malafronte weighs in on the Ecke issue. Read it here.

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