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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dan Nemergut will be new coach at O'Brien Tech

O'Brien Tech athletic director Dan Nemergut will take over the head coaching duties for the Condors, he confirmed Tuesday. Ken Roberts recently resigned after leading the Condors to a 3-7 record in their inaugural season last fall.

Despite little football coaching experience, Nemergut decided to accept the job. Nemergut explained how the hiring process works:

The job must be posted for seven days for O'Brien Tech employees, who will be considered first for the position. Applicants who are employees of other state vocational technical schools will be considered next before the job gets posted to the public. Just one applicant applied from another tech school.

With Nemergut accepting the position, it allows for assistant coaches Nick Aprea and Joe DeVellis to remain with the program.

"I wanted to keep the continuity in the program," Nemergut said. "The two assistants are going to stay and we will move forward.

"The assistants we have working with us are very good. There's a good atmosphere with the kids and the assistants coming back. We're hoping to add staff, and we hope to inch the program forward."

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