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Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Predictions

State coaches make their picks for Super Bowl XLVI.

Jeff Roy, Shelton
Patriots, 28-24: Giants beat them the last two times. Pats will be motivated for revenge. Belichick and Brady will not lose to the Giants again.

Chris Eckert, Cromwell
Giants, 27-24.

Tom Parr, Hopkins
Giants, 28-27. The team with the best record during the regular season doesn’t always win. Hottest team at the end of the year usually does.

Chris Mascolo, Abbott Tech
Giants, 35-31. The Giants’ “big play” offense and pass rush is perfect for (the) Patriots’ poor pass defense and inconsistent pass protection.

Joe Stochmal, Oxford
Giants, 27-17. Giants win the match up at the line of scrimmage, shutting down Brady and the Pats.

A.J. Albano, McMahon
Patriots, 31-28. Brady and Belichick will make sure they won’t lose a second time.

Rudy Bagos, Old Saybrook
Patriots, 31-28. I don’t think the same team can beat a Tom Brady/Bill Belichick team twice in a Super Bowl. I think the 2007 loss is motivation enough for the Pats to pull this one out. I’m a Cowboys fan, and it’s natural for
me to not like the Giants.

Anthony Sagnella, North Haven
Giants, 24-17. They are playing great defense and are finding ways to win the tough games.

Michael Bullock, South Windsor
Giants, 24-17. They have the stronger defense that can put pressure on Tom Brady, and Eli Manning has put himself in the elite quarterback class after where he has brought the team (in) the second half of the season.

Dan Dunaj, Torrington
Giants, 27-24. Defense wins championships.

Jason Bruenn, Platt
Patriots, 35-14. As a Jets fan, my season was over awhile ago. The Patriots have too many offensive weapons and find a way to play just good enough defense to win. The Giants would have to run the ball a bunch to keep Brady off the field, much like a lot of high school teams are doing against all the spread teams.

Mark Ecke, Cheshire
Giants, 34-21. I am a lifetime Giants fan, so of course I am picking them. The Giants are on a roll, Eli Manning has been tremendous under pressure and the Giants defense has been great in the playoffs.

Duncan DellaVolpe, Fairfield Warde
Giants, 31-28. N.Y. offense out duels Tom Brady and Co. with a long field goal at the end; a high-scoring second half.

Mike Tracy, Branford
Giants 24, Patriots 20.

Jeff Bevino, Foran
Giants 35, Patriots 24: Giants are healthy, confident and on a roll, plus Eli the ELIminator.

Tom Unger, Guilford
Patriots 34, Giants 24: I have to go with the Patriots. The best book I have read in a long time was (“The Education of a Coach”) about Bill Belichick and his progression as a football coach. His ability to be creative and his drynesss/sense of humor is hilarious to me. I love how he fits people into his system and players buy into the Patriot way. Also, how can you not love big Vince Wilfork?

Bryan Pinabell, Immaculate
Patriots 24-21. I grew up in Boston. (It) will be a great game between two great tactical coaches.

Mike Veronneau, Watertown
Patriots 38, Giants 27. Gronkowski and Hernandez will cause havoc on the Giants secondary.

Tom Lennon, Seymour
Giants 27, Patriots 24. G-Men’s D-Line too much for Brady and the Pats.



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